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With Tyrexin and its patented 100% natural formula, you can achieve your weight loss goals.

Reduced fat intake: Reduces the absorption of fats into the body

Increased metabolism: Stimulates the metabolic rate;

Long-lasting effects: benefits that last up to 24 hours.


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Fed up with deceptive diets that leave you hungry and unsatisfied?

Try Tyrexin, an ultra-revolutionary Swiss dietary solution that has helped over 50,000 customers achieve their weight loss goals since 2013. With proven efficacy based on documented results from scientific research, today's 100% Tyrexin formula is based exclusively on high-quality natural ingredients.

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Losing weight = Happiness

Lose weight fast, achieve a slimmer body and and benefit from lasting results.

Using Tyrexin™, your body fat will melt away like never before.

Reduces hunger

Expanding in the stomach, the ingredients in this formula provide an immediate feeling of satisfaction. Hunger is immediately neutralized and you feel full for many hours.

Improved digestion

Based on ingredients that break down food, Tyrexin promotes healthy digestion and significantly reduces the bloating synonymous with discomfort.

Boosts energy levels

In addition to promoting weight loss, Tyrexin naturally and effectively boosts energy levels, enabling regular physical activity and rapid weight loss.

Reduces fat absorption

By preventing the absorption of fats, Tyrexin drastically reduces energy intake from lipids (fats).

Promotes natural, healthy weight loss

Made from natural ingredients proven to work quickly and effectively, Tyrexin is guaranteed to be completely safe for your health, is suitable for long-term use and has no side effects.

Stimulates metabolism

Tyrexin stimulates the metabolism, enabling the body to burn calories faster and more efficiently.

Burns fat 24/7

A unique metabolism-boosting effect that lasts all day long, for more efficient fat burning.

Easy to use

Easy to use, Tyrexin can be easily integrated into your lifestyle.

Tyrexin has helped me enormously in my struggle to lose weight. I highly recommend it if you want to lose a few KG and have a great body this summer. I've tried other weight loss products before, but have had no success.

Emilia, Zürich


An abundance of ingredients to stimulate weight loss

Since 2013, we've been constantly developing and improving the most effective formula ever for healthy, fast and lasting weight loss. The Tyrexin™ 2023 version is exclusively based on 20 natural ingredients which, when combined, help to reduce body fat in record time.

Citrus pectin

Provides an immediate satisfying effect

Regulates insulin levels

Boosts metabolism

Promotes the development of good intestinal bacteria

Seaweed powder extract

Supports thyroid function

Promotes a feeling of fullness

Optimizes fat burning

Helps reduce body fat

Apple cider vinegar

Stimulates metabolism

Improves insulin sensitivity

Reduces calorie intake

Promotes digestion and fat elimination

Thousands of satisfied customers since 2013


5 reviews

Verified customer

3 days ago

Tyrexin has changed my life.

In the past, I'd tried lots of products that were supposed to make you lose weight. None of them ever worked. With Tyrexin, it's different! I've actually lost quite a lot of weight, and what's more, I feel really great. I really Tyrexin it is such a great product! Well done!


12 reviews

Verified customer

3 days ago

My new daily routine

In just 2 weeks, I've noticed a real difference in my stomach. I've lost weight, I feel great and I sleep like a baby. Tyrexin has really changed my body and my girlfriend the results. I highly recommend it to anyone struggling to lose weight.


Verified customer

5 days ago

I'm going to look amazing in my wedding dress! THANK YOU!

After years of struggle, I was beginning to lose hope and with my wedding fast approaching, I absolutely had to find a quick solution to look my best on the big day. I've already lost over 8kg and feel confident for the big day ahead.

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